The Laboratory of International Cooperation at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) is designed to promote a culture of commitment and social responsibility at the University.
It acts to develop and support projects aimed at assisting community development, in particular by promoting scientific and technological cooperation for the independent and sustainable development of cities and territories around the world.
Many of the changes brought about by globalization, in the North and the South of the world, have a major impact on cities and territories, and often upset pre-existing equilibria.
These changes are of a size and intensity unparalleled in the past, leading to a dramatic increase in new problems of spatial and social inequality, but they also pose environmental challenges related to climate change.
The Laboratory for International Cooperation attempts to address research and teaching of architecture, town planning and urban studies towards solutions that will allow possible development paths in the direction of greater equity and sustainability.

The site aims to be a sort of a work room. In this space there are shelves, with tools, study materials, projects, experiments in progress, ideas for the future (to explore this, you can visit the 4 sections WHO, WHAT, RESEARCH, TRAINING). In this room there is also a large open table, around which we can meet each other (members, researchers, students, supporters, interested people, …) and we can and want to share ideas and actions (to explore this, you can visit the other sections KEEP INFORMEDCONTACT US). Our invitation is to visit the website, snoop around the shelves, to sit around the table and to promote with us new opportunities for cooperation, and to participate to our activities and events or to invite us to yours.